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Margaret Hartzler, PhD
Senior Staff Member

Margaret Hartzler began her work on psychological type in 1977 while doing research involving type for her master’s degree and PhD. With her husband, Gary Hartzler, and Kathy Myers, she formed an organization in 1983 that developed and offered the first publicly advertised professional MBTI® Qualifying Program. Since then, she has facilitated more qualifying programs around the world than any other person. She has 30 years of experience designing and delivering a variety of training programs using type and has authored or coauthored seven books about how to use type theory, including Facets of Type: Activities for Developing the Type Preferences and Functions of Type: Activities for Developing the Eight Jungian Functions. Margaret and Gary Hartzler are coauthors of the Function Skill Development Assessment™ (FSDA™) which is published by the Breckenridge Institute®.

Margaret was the Director of Training Development at the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT) from 1986-1987; founder and CEO of Type Resources, Inc. from 1987-1995; and is currently the President of Type makes a Difference. She has designed and conducted research on how type can be useful in intimate relationships, in managing change, in understanding power and the role of type in leadership, career counseling, and the role of the eight functions in the development of the personality. Margaret received her BA in mathematics from Ohio Wesleyan University, an MA in mathematics from Northwestern University, and MA in clinical psychology from Appalachian State University, and a PhD in counselor education from the University of Florida. For more information about Margaret’s work, go to


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